October 16, 2017

Apple Pay is a leader in contactless payments, with many adopting this as their main form of payment. And why not? It’s quick, convenient, and simple. Last year, Apple Pay was also made available for use over the web, opening the door for many businesses all over to decide if they want to adopt this form of payment.

Apple Pay is a preference for many because all it takes is a swift movement of their phone to complete a transaction. No rifling through wallets, no incorrect PIN entries, no questions to answer. The simplicity of a transaction is what makes purchasing so enjoyable for many users. By bringing this to the web, e-commerc...

February 15, 2017

When it comes to the Clover, we offer an array of different options so that all businesses can use this great system. Whether it’s the Clover Go or Clover Go All-in-One, all devices are secure, easy, fast, and efficient! Today on the blog you’ll learn of the features offered by the Clover Go vs. Clover Go All-In-One, and the difference between the two.

Clover Go All-In-One is exactly what the name states: it can process countless payments from things like Apple Pay or Android Pay, as well as the traditional chip and swipe transactions. It connects with USB for charging mobile devices for payments and is compatible with various ver...

September 29, 2016

Recently, Walgreens crossed the technology cusp to Apple Pay and Android Pay.  They have embedded their Balance Rewards program right into these two payment options. This gives their rewards members a seamless, secure way to earn and use their Balance Rewards points. But the most beneficial aspect of this is for any customers who use Apple Pay or Android Pay to at check out, will no longer have to show or end their Balance Rewards card, all they will have to do is tap twice; what a convenience!

Walgreens is on the cutting edge of this technology, as they are continually looking for innovative technologies to help improve their cus...

March 21, 2016

The past couple of years have been claimed the year of mobile payments going into it, yet every time we’ve seen the following year outdo this claim. And 2016 is no different. Below you will find other ways to pay from your bank account without physically taking out a card to swipe, dip, or key in. There are several big players in mobile payments right now, and here we review what you need to know about each:

  • Apple Pay—for iOS users, you can upload all of your credit cards, store credit cards, and reward cards. When you go to make a purchase your credit card information is never shared nor stored on your device. Try this method...

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