June 29, 2019

There are more ways to accept a credit card now more than ever. For such a simple act - take payment, provide goods/services, receive payment in your bank account - there is actually a few layers of complexity to this routine task.

First, we need to consider, do you accept cards in person and/or not in person?

If you are actually seeing the credit card with your own two eyes at the point of sale - you are accepting cards in-person.  Part B to this equation - does the credit card have an EMV chip (or not) and/or does your customer prefer to pay with their phone - where they store their credit card information and/or ApplePay or...

September 27, 2017

As we discussed in these posts, Clover provides 5 different terminals that are perfect for businesses of all kinds -- food trucks, clothing stores, restaurants, booths, and your traditional brick-and-mortar locations. While many of these terminals overlap and can be used in more than one kind of environment, we think there is a terminal out there that is perfect for your business in particular! We've created a short quiz for you to determine which one is just the right fit. Check it out!

September 6, 2017

With a line of 5 unique Clover devices, it may be difficult to assess which one is the right choice for your business, but we’re here to give you a guide to choosing which traits are ideal for your business. Check out part one here where we talk about the Clover Station and Clover Mini!

Clover Flex 

This device is exactly what it sounds like: flexible to your needs! This device can be mobile or in a standard countertop setting, and can accept swipe, EMV, and contactless payments, which is perfect for a changing and fast-paced environment. Retail environments that have a system that allows employees to move around the store assistin...

July 19, 2017

The Clover line currently consists of 5 models, having just recently released their latest addition, the Clover Flex. The devices range from countertop stations to a small square that your card can be inserted into. The beauty is that you can essentially have a Clover terminal no matter what kind of business you run, no matter where that business works out of. Clover provides a range of devices that work for any business style, whether you’re at the counter or in a food truck. Here’s a run down of their terminals.

The Clover Station is closest to your traditional POS system. The Clover Station is for businesses that see the same c...

January 4, 2017

Whether you just want to treat your company to a new upgraded system or it’s time for a new helper to make payment processing easier in the upcoming year, the Clover Station may just be what you’re looking for! The Clover accepts credit cards, EMV chips, and NFC payments like Apple Pay in the safest and most secure ways. The Clover is built with the best POS hardware and software to fulfill whatever needs a business owner and its customers may need. 

The Clover’s sleek and simple design is visually pleasing without sacrificing performance, unlike other POS systems. With a modern and appealing look, you won't be taking up valuable...

August 10, 2016

CloverTM is one of the top control systems that offers an array of services, options, features and much more. PayHub Payments has listed below five more ways that the CloverTM is the most efficient choice of purchase for your business. 

  1. This easy to use digital handheld, allows for great digital and reward programs. CloverTM offers reward programs that make your customers wanting to come back for more. CloverTM provides a design system to reward returning customers, while still drawing them to engage in repeat purchases.

  2. Due to CloverTM turning sales data into info your business can use, it c...

August 8, 2016

For the business world, CloverTM is the finest control system entirely for simplifying your business in the most efficient way possible. This great device can be compact and lightweight due to the vast variety of model options that it offers. Listed below are five fundamental reasons that the CloverTM is the next best thing for your business. 

  1. Everyone wants to improve his or her business in a smaller amount of time, while still getting the most work done possible. The efficiency aspect of the CloverTM allows this to happen.

  2. CloverTM is one of the leading station service providers that manages employee...

June 13, 2016

Clover TM Mobile. Built for businesses going places.

Last in our Clover™ series is the Clover™ Mobile.  There has been talk about mobile payments for quite a while now.  It has caught the attention of some businesses, but even more businesses can benefit from the flexibility mobile payments gives a business.

Enter Clover™ Mobile.

With all the power of any other all-in-one business solution, this is also a portable option. Whether you are taking payments tableside, busting registers or taking payments on the job site, this will keep payments flowing and you on-the-go!

How does this little handheld device provide th...

March 23, 2016

You may have heard of or seen the different Clover™ terminals we offer - but do you know the best one for your business? Check out these quick explanations below:

  • Clover™ Station—this is the largest POS system Clover™ has to offer,and with good reason—it comes with a cash drawer and a receipt printer in addition to the monitor, so it is a good option not only for companies with high processing volumes, but a company that wants to be able to manage other aspects of their business all in one terminal, such as employees or inventory.

  • Clover™ Mini—the smaller version of the Clover™ Station, but you’re still able to manag...

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