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July 12, 2019

So many of your have expressed interested in learning more about contactless payments (🎉 - yes, this would be a reason we would use this emoji internally!)

We created a simple guide to give you more information on contactless payments - how they work, how to accept them and critical in-store to-do's.

If you do not have a machine that accepts contactless payments - the first step would be to upgrade to a machine that accepts this payment type. If you have done this already that's a big ☑️off the to-do list already!

See our guide below or download it here.

June 29, 2019

There are more ways to accept a credit card now more than ever. For such a simple act - take payment, provide goods/services, receive payment in your bank account - there is actually a few layers of complexity to this routine task.

First, we need to consider, do you accept cards in person and/or not in person?

If you are actually seeing the credit card with your own two eyes at the point of sale - you are accepting cards in-person.  Part B to this equation - does the credit card have an EMV chip (or not) and/or does your customer prefer to pay with their phone - where they store their credit card information and/or ApplePay or...

September 18, 2017

Mobile phones aren’t the only devices offering on-the-go payment anymore, Fitbit has gotten in on the action with the new Fitbit Ionic, and VISA has just enabled payments through it! The Fitbit Ionic is Fitbit’s first smartwatch, and in an effort to appeal to those who prefer cashless payments Fitbit has ingrained NFC technology into it, creating a much simpler transaction for all users.

Payments will be made through Fitbit Pay, their new payment function, and users can attach their VISA debit or credit cards by loading them onto the Fitbit companion app. Transactions will happen in the same manner as traditional NFC payments, wit...

May 31, 2017

Dating back to the establishment of the first ATMs in the 1960’s, ATMs have always required physical credit and debit card acceptance. However, things are starting to change now. A new advancement has taken place with the creation of cardless ATMs. People will now be able to use a process that works similarly to new mobile payment methods. Many customers are now adopting these methods in stores, restaurants, and cafes, but the introduction of this technology into ATMs will allow it to be used at an even wider scale. More and more banks are hopping on board with this new advancement at an increasing rate. This new payment process...

April 10, 2017

With different options and new technology growing by the minute, it can be hard to choose the right devices for your business. At Payhub we have the right equipment to lead your company to success, maintain efficiency, and create growth. One of our best selling POS systems is the Clover. The Clover system has different options for every business whether you want a device for your smartphone, countertop, mobile movement, or a station we have you covered with choices. We are going to discuss the benefits and technology equipped in the versatile Clover Mini. 

It may be small, but stronger than you can imagine. The Clover Mini is a co...

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