July 12, 2019

So many of your have expressed interested in learning more about contactless payments (🎉 - yes, this would be a reason we would use this emoji internally!)

We created a simple guide to give you more information on contactless payments - how they work, how to accept them and critical in-store to-do's.

If you do not have a machine that accepts contactless payments - the first step would be to upgrade to a machine that accepts this payment type. If you have done this already that's a big ☑️off the to-do list already!

See our guide below or download it here.

December 11, 2017

1. PayHub takes you to the 21st century with e-commerce. 

As e-commerce continues to grow as a popular option for businesses, PayHub can work with you to provide seamless credit card processing even through e-commerce. Get your business online and see it grow even further!

2.  PayHub has the best technology on the market.

PayHub’s terminals are unparalleled: we have terminals ranging from the sturdy traditional models to sleek innovative systems. Our shining star is the Clover - which comes in 5 different models, and can be customized for any business. Our terminals can take your POS system to the next level, and don’t have to simpl...

November 13, 2017

While mobile payments are steadily increasing in prevalence and usage, only about 10% of customers regularly use them. This means tech companies are trying to come up with new ways to make usage easier or more appealing for the other 90% of customers not using, so that mobile payments can become more of a major player in the industry. 

Although 10% is a substantial portion of the market for such a new payment option, it is nowhere near what it could be, assuming most people would prefer the ease that comes with this form of payment. Tech firms are trying to innovate and discover new solutions that would draw people in and compel t...

August 21, 2017

The use of mobile payments continues to grow every year. The transition from cash, to card, to mobile has taken place largely over the past decade and mobile is the newest method being integrated into businesses’ payment processing acceptance. More and more people are choosing this option, so it’s important to look and see if this is an option your business would benefit from if not implemented already.

The transition to mobile payments is clear to see if you look at the spending habits of different groups. Millennials have lead the movement of mobile payments, frequently choosing this option, while baby boomers traditionally stil...

March 8, 2017

Non-cash payments are continuing to grow each day, with debit and credit cards leading the industry. These cards continue to keep rising in the payment sector and will only continue to do so. Research says non-cash payments have grown to 178 trillion within the last year.

Think about it, not only do consumers swipe their credit and debit cards, but these cards are now involved in other payments that advance with technology. Even with all the new apps that let you send money, or pay from your phone at the register, your original debit or credit card is still being used.

New EMV technology requires consumers to have a chip on your de...

January 25, 2017

With the industry becoming increasingly mobile and digital, you want to make sure your company is staying afloat with new advances, but this isn’t always easy. Listed below are some simple ways we think you can adapt to technological changes.

  1. Study- Analyzing and examining changes in the economy and your industry is key. This makes sure you stay up to date on all the latest trends and new products that can aid in improving your business tremendously, and make sure you aren’t out of touch with new advancements. 

  2. Be Different- Separating yourself from the crowd is extremely important. With new advancements left and right, i...

January 23, 2017

When it comes to mobile payments, it’s undeniable that its prevalence is skyrocketing throughout the industry, but it’s also significant to note that payment services understand the adoption process for consumers and business whether positive or negative. We understand these factors and take them into consideration when providing our mobile wallet.

  1. Availability- According to statistics, 72% of U.S. population owns a smartphone and the number only continues to grow. This shows the remarkable opening for a mobile wallet to take over payment processing, since a majority of consumers own a mobile phone already. The new increase in...

November 16, 2016

Mobile payments also know as a mobile wallet, mobile money, or mobile transfer is a way to conduct financial transactions through a mobile device such as a phone or computer. Mobile payments are on the rise and continue to improve, making consumers aware of this new advancement and are already enjoying the benefits of mobile payments. Listed below are simple perks and reasoning as to why consumers prefer using this new payment style. 

  1. Rewards: Companies that use applications for mobile payment transactions provide great rewards as incentive, and consumers love these free perks that they receive as a result of common usage apps...

November 14, 2016

A new method called the “buy button” is transforming and simplifying online payments. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc. are all social media outlets that have incorporated this buy button into their websites. The buy button is an additional type of payment processor for consumers that is on the rise. More and more companies are hopping on board to integrate this new and easy way to purchase a product with just a single click of a button. It is redefining the customer to business relationship. If the buy button continues to improve and consumers enjoy this new method, then social media mediums will be able to charge a f...

October 5, 2016

One way or another, everyone has heard of the application called Uber. This app is changing the game in many areas by providing a cheaper mode of transportation than the standard taxis. While also becoming the most popular application for transportation for college kids to get around campus, business journeys, or just the average person trying to get from point A to B, we can all see that it is taking over the transportation scene. Continuing to innovate, Uber also added a new feature called UberEATS, where it allows you to “get the food you want, from the local restaurants you love, delivered at Uber speed”.

This company is also...

October 3, 2016

Whether your business is a small gas station or a huge corporation, every company wants to increase their sales one way or another. Due to this desire, some gas stations and convenience stores have decided to reach a new market that may open up a new avenue to help them expand their profits and benefit their customers. This new market that these stations and stores have tapped into is mobile commerce. Smartphones are around us at all times, and because of this gas stations have decided to provide a service that lets you pay with your smartphone, making pumping gas quicker and more secure. No one wants to sit around at a gas stati...

September 29, 2016

Recently, Walgreens crossed the technology cusp to Apple Pay and Android Pay.  They have embedded their Balance Rewards program right into these two payment options. This gives their rewards members a seamless, secure way to earn and use their Balance Rewards points. But the most beneficial aspect of this is for any customers who use Apple Pay or Android Pay to at check out, will no longer have to show or end their Balance Rewards card, all they will have to do is tap twice; what a convenience!

Walgreens is on the cutting edge of this technology, as they are continually looking for innovative technologies to help improve their cus...

September 21, 2016

Finch, also known as financial technology, is a new way that transforms the way you may deliver, manage, and pay money or perform financial services. This is a new technology advancement that is changing the game for banks and financial activity.  

Fintech targets both start-up firms as well as established companies. This is a business where it allows you to instantly accept payments online from across the globe, without the hassle of getting a physical bank involved. Two young gentlemen wanted to modernize the financial industry, making banking faster, cheaper, and mobile and so they did just that by creating a Fintech company ca...

September 7, 2016

Mobile processing opens up many different avenues for businesses. It allows a business to be able to tap into different audiences that they may have not targeted before. With technology growing at such a fast pace, along with various customers always being on the go, mobile processing helps reach these consumers. Mobile credit-card processing is a great cost effective outlet for businesses and is simple to use. Mobile processing allows your business to be turned portable, if your company was interested. Mobile processing can give your business a competitive edge due to its easy and fast payment processing. 

Along with the simple a...

September 1, 2016

In this day and age, technology is a very popular, fast growing advancement that continue to develop each day. With this technological evolution occurring, we spotted some payment processing trends for this year and listed them below:

  1. EMV- The EMV chip card processor is progressing very fast. Many stores and businesses have adapted this chip card as well as the EMV technology. This technology will become a must for many stores that accept bigger credit card companies such as MasterCard, American Express etc. Studies show 60 % of consumers have already accepted these chip cards. For more information on the EMV technology head o...

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