June 26, 2017

You can’t deny that new technological advances are increasing every moment, and one of these changes over the years has been the ATM. The original ATM was created back in the 1960’s, and only accepted customers of that specific bank, and excluded many technological features we know now. Now, it is 2017 and things have changed for the better, allowing the consumer to do business easier, faster, and more securely. Recently, Bitcoin ATMs have become the new advancement across the United States. Bitcoins are a type of modern currency that do not need banks to get involved. It is a transactional process that does not include fees and...

May 3, 2017

At Payhub Payments we offer credit card processing equipment, which all contain mobile wallet acceptance. Mobile wallets are convenient, fast, and offer loyalty rewards. Automobiles are adopting in-car payments using mobile wallets and we are very excited about this adaption! Here’s a bit of insight about this new innovation.

Think about driving up to a gas station in the cold winter months, and instead of getting out again to pay, you can simply pay from inside your car. Well, this is now a reality. Our friends at Visa are partnering with Honda, as well as working with smart meters and gas pump manufacturers, to establish in-vehi...

February 13, 2017

With technology on the rise, payment trends have evolved and improved, helping ease the process for both merchants and consumers. Below we are going to list 5 of the biggest payment processing trends of 2017. 

  1. Mobile Payments: More and more companies are hopping on board to use mobile payment processing. You’ll find many popular brands are now mobile wallet-compatible to make paying easy for customers at the touch of their hands, and on many different mobile devices too. 

  2. Cloud-Based POS Systems: POS systems are helpful as they make business owners and customers lives easier, accepting different types of payment methods l...

January 23, 2017

When it comes to mobile payments, it’s undeniable that its prevalence is skyrocketing throughout the industry, but it’s also significant to note that payment services understand the adoption process for consumers and business whether positive or negative. We understand these factors and take them into consideration when providing our mobile wallet.

  1. Availability- According to statistics, 72% of U.S. population owns a smartphone and the number only continues to grow. This shows the remarkable opening for a mobile wallet to take over payment processing, since a majority of consumers own a mobile phone already. The new increase in...

November 16, 2016

Mobile payments also know as a mobile wallet, mobile money, or mobile transfer is a way to conduct financial transactions through a mobile device such as a phone or computer. Mobile payments are on the rise and continue to improve, making consumers aware of this new advancement and are already enjoying the benefits of mobile payments. Listed below are simple perks and reasoning as to why consumers prefer using this new payment style. 

  1. Rewards: Companies that use applications for mobile payment transactions provide great rewards as incentive, and consumers love these free perks that they receive as a result of common usage apps...

October 5, 2016

One way or another, everyone has heard of the application called Uber. This app is changing the game in many areas by providing a cheaper mode of transportation than the standard taxis. While also becoming the most popular application for transportation for college kids to get around campus, business journeys, or just the average person trying to get from point A to B, we can all see that it is taking over the transportation scene. Continuing to innovate, Uber also added a new feature called UberEATS, where it allows you to “get the food you want, from the local restaurants you love, delivered at Uber speed”.

This company is also...

July 11, 2016

The Mobile Payment evolution is here.

When attending a concert, sporting even, craft show, any very busy and well attended event, no one wants the hassle of worrying where to put their personal belongings. Most people try to travel light, especially when attending these types of events. This is why Coachella and other music festivals have started the movement of cashless payments to improve the experience for festival lovers. 

Who doesn’t hate missing their favorite song due to waiting in those long lines? Cashless payments eliminate this problem making the process a lot more efficient and simplified by providing a faster experienc...

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