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July 11, 2016

The Mobile Payment evolution is here.

When attending a concert, sporting even, craft show, any very busy and well attended event, no one wants the hassle of worrying where to put their personal belongings. Most people try to travel light, especially when attending these types of events. This is why Coachella and other music festivals have started the movement of cashless payments to improve the experience for festival lovers. 

Who doesn’t hate missing their favorite song due to waiting in those long lines? Cashless payments eliminate this problem making the process a lot more efficient and simplified by providing a faster experienc...

June 13, 2016

Clover TM Mobile. Built for businesses going places.

Last in our Clover™ series is the Clover™ Mobile.  There has been talk about mobile payments for quite a while now.  It has caught the attention of some businesses, but even more businesses can benefit from the flexibility mobile payments gives a business.

Enter Clover™ Mobile.

With all the power of any other all-in-one business solution, this is also a portable option. Whether you are taking payments tableside, busting registers or taking payments on the job site, this will keep payments flowing and you on-the-go!

How does this little handheld device provide th...

April 18, 2016

If you fall under the category of special events, fall festivals, window ice cream shops, fundraising, weddings, or Christmas tree lots, then you probably have an off-season to your business. It also means you might have a difficult time finding the right merchant services provider for your company. Most credit card processors charge on a monthly basis and it might not be easy to switch your account on and off if you know you won’t be accepting any credit cards during the month of December. When shopping around for the right merchant account, here are some things to look for, and be wary of, to make sure you’re paying the right p...

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