January 22, 2018

Looking for an effective new terminal to pair with your business? The Devajoo Z11 terminal may be the exact model your business could use to make the paying process THAT much better. In a market where there are a number of different, popular terminals, it can be difficult to differentiate and decide which is best for your business. We’ll go through all of our favorite features that make the Dejavoo Z11 one of the most effective terminals for any business.

The Dejavoo Z11 is a compact countertop payment terminal, making it an ideal size for any business, no matter your counter space or setup. 

The Dejavoo Z11 has both a contactless...

November 29, 2017

Looking for a new terminal to up the ante at your business? The Ingenico iCT 220 may be the perfect device to do this, and can be the key to a successful holiday season!

This terminal is compact, lightweight and stylish, making it the perfect addition to a register or POS system, but also works well as a standalone countertop device. 

With the Ingenico iCT220, merchants can accept electronic card payments whether or not they are using a register or additional POS system. This means you can get all the functions you need—processing, receipt printing, etc— from a single device. This is perfect for the holiday season, as it usually br...

November 6, 2017

Years ago, terminals were far less complex and really only had one use: to accept payments. Now, they have adapted and progressed so much that a terminal can be the anchor of your business, with far more abilities than its predecessors. Your terminal can be more than just a way to accept payment from a customer. It can help take your business to new heights through customer insight and back-end capabilities. 

A smarter terminal can help you better adapt to customer needs. Take stock of what kinds of payments are coming through your door, do you accept them all? As customer preferences change, your paying options should reflect the...

October 11, 2017

Did you know we are now offering a new terminal rental program here at PayHub? This option can aid in increasing cash flow for your business and give you a piece of equipment that does more than just offer a payment solution. We can discuss which option works best to ensure profitability for your business.

Need to upgrade your equipment to become PCI compliant? This program is also the most efficient way to become compliant with the Payment Card Industry standard, which contains the most security for card safety and fraud protection. Instead of working to upgrade your current equipment, or if you don’t currently own a card process...

July 17, 2017

Looking for a new terminal to take on the demands of your clientele? The Ingenico iCT250 is fully equipped to fulfill those needs. Due to its status as one of the smallest and lightest terminals out there, this device is designed perfectly with the merchant in mind, making it perfect for daily use and handling. 

Its design is clear and clean— large keys, backlit keypad, and a color graphic display that not only makes error less common, it gives your customers something great to look at. There’s also the option of software customization and hardware personalization in the top casing, printer cover flap, or lens, so you can fur...

June 28, 2017

Here at PayHub Payments, we offer an array of terminals to choose from so that your business can succeed, and the Pax S300 is the pinnacle of great devices. This model is one of the newer terminals on the market that makes a perfect processor for retail stores. The PAX S300 targets retailers who are looking for higher security within their business and need a solution. Not only is this device built for security, but also has features like electronic signatures, contactless payments, chip insertion and more.

The PAX S300 is built to last, and is equipped with high stability measures. It’s a device you can count on for your business...

May 29, 2017

Each of our terminals at Payhub Payments are reliable, efficient, and speedy. One of these terminals is called the Dejavoo V8. This terminal is equipped with great connectivity that is integrated with Linux OS, Value added server, and Embedded SQL. Sales increase when using this terminal due to its high productivity level. The Dejavoo V8 has a USB port that allows software to be imported in less than a minute creating an easy and hassle-free environment for owners, meaning you can combine it with USB add-ons and a serial/pin pad port whenever. Security is a priority for PayHub and that is easy to see with this terminal. Without p...

April 24, 2017

Do you want a device that's equipped as a secure and compact terminal? If so, you have come to the right place. Here at PayHub we offer the Ingenico iCT250 that is not only secure and compact, but filled with tons of additional features as well. This terminal encompasses security, a smartcard, magstripe, contactless payments, and color display.

Looking for the highest security for your customers? This Ingenico terminal has top quality security requirements involving PCI PTS 3.x certification. It also has SRED and Open protocol modules. If your business is seeking additional PIN entry confidentiality the pin privacy protection is l...

April 10, 2017

With different options and new technology growing by the minute, it can be hard to choose the right devices for your business. At Payhub we have the right equipment to lead your company to success, maintain efficiency, and create growth. One of our best selling POS systems is the Clover. The Clover system has different options for every business whether you want a device for your smartphone, countertop, mobile movement, or a station we have you covered with choices. We are going to discuss the benefits and technology equipped in the versatile Clover Mini. 

It may be small, but stronger than you can imagine. The Clover Mini is a co...

April 5, 2017

PAX S80 is just one of the many terminals with a pin pad that we offer here at PayHub Payments. We want to bring you the best of the best when it comes to equipment for your business. The PAX S80 has great features to help your company make the payment process easier. Here are a few of the benefits this terminal offers.

The PAX S80 fits perfectly on any countertop, as it was specifically made to be accessible and convenient for all businesses and consumers. This terminal is not just any terminal; it is far more advanced and equipped with top performing technology. The PAX S80 uses innovation, durability, and high performance to ma...

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