March 15, 2017

Are you familiar with the Verifone VX520? This terminal is one of our top sellers, and is extremely efficient, secure, and fast. The Verifone VX520 is a reliable and sturdy device built for long lasting sustainability for any business. Due to the strong processor and high power memory within this device, it can embrace both encryption and decryption. The Verifone encompasses key features that allow for different payment methods, like NFC compatibility. Additionally, this terminal is equipped with loyalty and gift card recognition. Here are a few more benefits you’ll get with this terminal.

Connectivity: The Verifone has a full ran...

May 9, 2016

So you may have the latest credit card terminal, but what about the accessories that go along with it? You don’t hear about these kinds of tools that can help taking credit cards easier, so here we’ll go over some available add-ons out there.

Paper - you will need rolls of thermal paper so that you can print out receipts for your customers. This special paper is coated with a chemical so that, when exposed to heat, the paper will change color in the form of the transaction info being printed on the receipt

Replacement Cable - these link the credit card terminal and your pin pad together. Just make sure you’re matching up the right...

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