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What You Can Get From Your Credit Card Processor

More and more we’re finding it’s much easier to find services needed to run a business through the same company that processes all of our credit card transactions - it simply makes sense since they have all of the data needed to create an online gateway or begin a gift card program. Here we’ll take a look at what merchant services companies offers that can help provide all of your payment business needs under one hub.

EMV-Compliant Terminals & Credit/Debit Card Processing - on October 1, 2015, there was a liability shift in accepting swiped credit and debit cards. This was the starting block for the process of transitioning businesses over to accepting EMV cards (known otherwise as "chip card").

Mobile Processing - this includes both applications and swipers, such as those for your Android or iPhone devices.

POS Systems - these sizeable terminals provide you with the ability to provide clients with a solution for tracking inventory, taking orders, using bar code scanners, advanced reporting, and extensive other features that go well beyond processing payments.

E-Commerce Processing - opening a shop online? Want to sell products? You will need to utilize an online gateway to accept transactions. You can have the ability to sell products online, and set-up recurring billing (ex/ gym memberships) through the use of a gateway.

Gift Card & Rewards Card Programs - reloadable gift cards can boost your bottom line. You can find bundled options or custom gifts that will suit your business. They come in carriers, custom designs, and will help bring awareness to your brand and products.

Electronic Checks - an electronic check processing service provides fast, efficient and secure check processing during the transaction. It converts paper checks into electronic at the point-of-sale and automatically deposits the funds into your banking account, saving you time by reducing paperwork and trips to the bank.

Google Wallet - a great innovation in commerce for tech savvy consumers and merchants. Besides being cool and innovative, Google Wallet has other outstanding benefits for consumers: speed, convenience, ease of use, and increased security. You will also find other providers, but Google is a great example.

Cash Advance - Is your business in need of a remodel, equipment replacements, or upgrades? A cash advance program provides a cost-effective, convenient alternative to using your company credit cards to finance daily operations and growth opportunities. (No more high-interest payments).

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