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Why your website needs to be Mobile-Friendly

As technology continues to grow and improve each and everyday, it is important to recognize this astounding movement that is right before our eyes. This is especially significant that businesses notice and learn how to adjust. Below will be 4 central reasons as to why your business needs to be mobile-friendly.

  1. The mobile traffic is increasing at a very fast pace and you want to onboard before you become too late in the game. Data has shown that over 1,900 million people used a mobile device to browse the internet in 2015, whereas only 1,700 million people used a desktop browser in the same year. This number is a very large difference exemplifying the overall desire for mobile activity within the internet as opposed to desktop browsing.

  2. It is shown that customers have a 61% chance of leaving your website if it causes any type of confusion or frustration. If e-commerce sites meet the customer’s mobile needs, they will be more likely to purchase online. As a result, the most effective mobile responsive design is when font, image, speedy load time, limited need for scrolling, etc are all enabled appropriately. If the customer can scroll and see with ease this will help exponentially with sales.

  3. It is a key factor to have your website optimised correctly for mobile devices. As a result, it will create more value for the business, but only if the website is easy to navigate and read on all devices. You do not want to position your business lower than competitors due to poor optimization of your website or mobile devices.“52% of tablet users say that they now prefer to shop on their tablet rather than their PC”, portraying the need to administer to all screen sizes.

  4. Almost 80% of time allocated to social media is performed on mobile devices. With this increased number, it means your website can take advantage of this evolution and learn all the benefits that it can to help contribute to your business. If this is done effectively, it will may cause your business to have a one up on some of your competitors due to the large demand of social media time.

Allowing your website to be mobile-friendly causes your company to reach more than just one audience. Developing a mobile-friendly website as well as taking advantage of social media opens up different avenues for people across all platforms to be able to view your company’s information and products, causing response to be transformed into purchases.

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