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Why Shop Online? Part One

In the past, shopping was all about going to a brick and mortar store, either to browse leisurely or pick up something you needed. This may have been the norm back in the day, but new technology has completely transformed the shopping experience. Online shopping has developed and skyrocketed due to the hassle free experience, providing benefits for customers that in-store experience can’t compete with. What are some of the factors that would compel a customer to choose e-commerce?

  1. Convenience: Online shopping allows you to purchase at any time, anywhere. Have a late night shopping urge? You don't have to go to the store because of online e-commerce. Forget about waiting in long lines, looking for store associates, or mistakes of cash registers. Shop in minutes with no commotion online.

  2. Better Pricing: This type of shopping experience offers better prices than physical stores. You can find loads of deals and coupons that aren't accessible in stores. Online shopping has cheaper deals and more valuable pricing due to the fact that there is no middleman involved. Instead, the items go directly to the customer from the manufacturer or seller themselves. You can also quickly compare prices, as opposed to only seeing the price of the store you're in.

  3. Variety: With an online e-commerce shop, you can get a product from anywhere around the world, even if they aren't physically offered in your area. Online shopping lets products be available anyone, without having to visit a specific place to obtain them. Customers are able to access a larger variety of brands and items from all different sellers. With online shopping, the options are endless including choices on all different colors and sizes.

  4. Gifting: Online shopping eliminates the the struggle of finding the right gift for friends and family members. All you need to do is search a phrase and countless products will be displayed in the results matching your search. With online shopping, you will always be able to find a gift, cancelling out all excuses for never sending a present.

  5. Expenses: When shopping in physical stores, it is easier for consumers to purchase more items than necessary. Impulse buys, like the small items displayed by the register, are often things we add to our carts but don't really need. Online shopping helps ease this issue. You can hop on the website, buy the item needed and checking out without having to browse through the site unlike in a store.

People love online shopping, and having an e-commerce store can help your business boom. Payhub has the ability to give you these functions through payment processing!

Stay tuned for part two to see a few more reasons why people love online shopping, and see if it could be what your business needs!

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