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Apps for Your Clover: Part Two


As mentioned earlier this week, we wanted to give you some insight about the wonderful app market that helps make the Clover so unique. The Clover alone operates as a cost-effective, visually appealing and streamlined Point-Of-Sale, but the addition of the app market really sets this piece of equipment apart from the rest.

Another app that amps up the features of the clover is called Easy Reports. It’s not always a simple process to take data and turn it into a report, which is why Easy Reports has set its sights to offer Clover users.

To start, simply log into Easy Reports using your Clover username and password. From there, the application will take over by categorizing and creating sales data by date, item, or even sales clerk. Easy Reports then saves the preferences you selected and keeps it for future reports. The reports are then filled in with visual elements like tables, graphs, and charts for easy to use access and readability. This app also allows you to export important information needed for other reports as well. The combination of Clover and Easy Reports will simplify and help your business track and maintain data in an easy to read and organized fashion.

You can read more about the Clover here.

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