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5 Perks of Clover Devices

clover device benefits

The Clover is one of our leading sellers for businesses. Because it is a versatile and high quality piece of equipment, it can offer a great deal of benefits for both business owners and customers alike. The Clover makes life easier, quicker and gives your business an efficient process for payment processing. Here are just a few perks that Clover offers for any business.

  1. Excellent Performance- You will receive unmatched performance with this device via advanced technology and built-in plugins. The Clover is equipped with 4 USB ports. These USB ports are key because they connect to your POS factors, allowing for different utilities to be done the way you wish.

  2. High Speed Connection- A bad situation for any business is a line full of customers and a slow POS connection. Even worse - if connection is completely lost. Customers will likely be impatient and irritable, and leave unhappy, with not much you can do about the situation. The solution to this problem is the Clover. Because of its leading high speed processor, you won’t have to worry about this ever being an issue when using this device. The Clover works around the clock because it can work without the internet, never missing a sale.

  3. Visual Appeal- The sleek, slender and swivel standing Clover allows it to fit on any countertop for all businesses. Along with unmatched design, no additional setup is required, with all configurations already in place. A clean interface allows the Clover to blend seamlessly into any visual space you’ve created for your business.

  4. Plethora of Features- The Clover can perform countless activities simultaneously, like secure payments, inventory tracking, timesheets and reporting. All of these features can be performed without any prior structure done by your company. Best of all, Clover is equipped with fast and secure payment processing, making all customers comfortable using it and resulting in dependable transactions.

  5. Customize Your Options- The Clover allows for an array of different models to fit all owner needs. Only looking for a mobile processor? A countertop piece? An on-the-go device? The Clover comes in many different forms, suited for all needs. Maybe your preferences favor the Clover Go, Clover Mini, or Clover Mobile. Each is built with high powered, secure, and reliable features.

To learn more about this device, click here.

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