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How Can ACH Help Your Business

ach processing business

At PayHub we use ACH as a faster outlet for payments, saving time and money. ACH, short for Automated Clearing House uses a specific routing number to electronically transfer accepted payments from one bank to another, for purposes like direct deposit, payroll, and vendor payments. With ACH, payment acceptance is simplified and convenient. Read on to see the benefits that this method provides for businesses.

  1. Get a Lower Fee: Who would want high transaction fees? With ACH you are receiving the lowest priced fee of all electronic payment acceptance. When running a business, you are guaranteed to find your company paying many fees as the years go on and profits grow, but by using ACH you can decrease this problem drastically.

  2. Recurrence: Key words here: recurring billing! Through ACH, you are able to utilize recurring billing, making life so much easier. Just make sure your customers use automatic scheduling, and your recurring billing process will be all set. Payhub can help with payment processing needs, and ACH technology does the rest with automatic billing and transfers.

  3. Make Their Life Simple: If you make customer needs transparent and faster, they will return the favor with sales for your business. Customers love convenience. Both the business and consumers will have simpler lives with ACH acceptance because it eliminates bank runs and paper processes that are unnecessary and bothersome to most consumers.

  4. Finance the Funds Correctly: All banks are different when it comes to fees, transactions,and policies, but with ACH you will receive higher priority. This is because banks most often get to electronic payments first, meaning ACH is one of the top methods to be attended to before other processes.

  5. Safety First: A company's number one priority in any business should be security due customer concerns. ACH has technology that makes this one of its main strengths. ACH has secure classifications and encryption to ensure that the data is kept safe from theft. During ACH processes, the information is sent to a single place electronically, unlike other methods, such as paper, where many could obtain this information in the midst of the transferring process.

  6. Save the Earth: Because no paper is involved in ACH processing, this is more environmentally conscious. More and more companies are going green in any way they can and this is just one simple way your business can join!

ACH can make a difference in your company's payment processing in so many ways, from convenience, to security, to more cost effective options, while still keeping quality. To learn more about ACH and if it’s right for your business give us a call at 855.572.9482.

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