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The PAX S300

pax s300 terminal

Here at PayHub Payments, we offer an array of terminals to choose from so that your business can succeed, and the Pax S300 is the pinnacle of great devices. This model is one of the newer terminals on the market that makes a perfect processor for retail stores. The PAX S300 targets retailers who are looking for higher security within their business and need a solution. Not only is this device built for security, but also has features like electronic signatures, contactless payments, chip insertion and more.

The PAX S300 is built to last, and is equipped with high stability measures. It’s a device you can count on for your business’ transactional needs. It is built with a 400 MHz 32-bit ARM11 processor, magstripe, chip and pin, high quality DDR and SDRAM technology. Not to mention the PAX S300 is slender and sleek, but still packed with efficient payment processing tools. Additionally, the operating system is very accessible because it provides stellar development and platforms. The PAX S300 is furnished with a secure Prolin Linux platform, ready for whatever is thrown its way. The easy-to-use software is built inside the device and downloadable for any business.

As mentioned above, security is a priority for this device and because of this it is PCI PTS 3.x accepted. When the PAX S300 was built it was made so that no attackers could violate customers security. As a result it has highly secure areas that prevent thieves from pinpointing keys. It also supports public key encryptions like RSA, AES, DES, and 3DES.

Performance is a key component for payment processing in order for your customers to have an enjoyable experience while interacting with a business. Therefore, the PAX S300 was assembled with new technology like a loudspeaker, color touch screen display, and is can communicate well with HD images and video.

Lastly, what good would the device be without a good memory system? With that question in mind, the PAX S300 is equipped 192 MB as well as magnetic and smart card readers. The large memory and all of the additional great features are significant in the payment process in order to push your business ahead of the game. Businesses want their customer experience to be efficient, secure, and fast and that is one of the reasons as to why the PAX S300 was built. We see this terminal as a useful tool, check out more info here.

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