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Which Clover is Right for Your Business? : A Guide - Part One

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Although most businesses started with a traditional payment process (select your products, get in line, wait, pay at the counter with an associate), many have now adopted different methods that work better for their diverse businesses. As businesses change and become more innovative, effective, and accommodating, the way customers pay has adapted simultaneously. Portable terminals and varying methods of payment can change the whole setup of a business and make it more efficient for paying customers. Whether your goal is to increase customer engagement or make paying as quick & easy as possible, there are many terminals that can aid in this process.

With a line of 5 unique Clover devices, it may be difficult to assess which one is the right choice for your business, but we’re here to give you a guide to choosing which traits are ideal for your business.

Clover Station

This is a countertop terminal, which best suits businesses that have the traditional payment area setup with a line and the like, as opposed to a more flexible mobile business. Since this terminal can do more than just process payments (track inventory, manage time sheets, run reports, print receipts, etc.), you’ll want it for a location that can fully utilize these features, like a clothing store. The Clover Station is the perfect addition to a structured paying process where most customers prefer the whole shebang, a bagged product, a receipt, and an associate to guide them.

The Clover Station also has the unique ability to manage appointments, which is perfect for any type of service based business, like an acupuncturist or specialty doctor’s office.

Clover Mini

The Clover Mini is an all-encompassing terminal that can accept swipe, EMV, and contactless payments. It is essentially a smaller version of the Clover Station, providing many features beyond payment processing. Since it accepts so many different kinds of payments, the Clover Mini is perfect for fast-paced environments where people usually forgo cash, and may be in a bit of a hurry. Think coffee shops and grab & go food stops, where you still have the standard paying experience, but with a speed-efficient process.

Although the Mini is still considered countertop, this device is also far more compact than the Clover Station, making it the perfect size for businesses that have limited space in their payment area but still want all the great features. Because it can also manage appointments, businesses like nail salons or yoga studios that offer a service beyond a countertop would be the perfect home for a Clover Mini!

Stay tuned for part 2 where we discuss the Clover Flex, Clover Mobile, and Clover Go!

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