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PayHub Payments: Our Small Business Story

We opened the PayHub doors in 2008, as a solution for many businesses that we'd come across who were frustrated by the lack of support and high fees of the merchant services industry. Starting as a local company to the Connecticut community, we have grown exponentially to a national payment processing provider that continues to alleviate the same frustrations. Our competitive pricing and exceptional service have allowed us to grow and retain clients daily.

  • Apple Pay, Google Wallet + PayPal

PayHub can set-up your credit card processing equipment to accept Apple Pay, Google Wallet and now PayPal. This gives your savvy customers additional convenience and more payment options.

  • Electronic ACH + Checks

PayHub’s service gives the option of accepting electronic ACH payments or provides the ability to convert paper checks into electronic at the point-of-sale and automatically deposits the funds into your banking account, saving you time by reducing paperwork and trips to the bank.

  • Equipment + Accessories

PayHub Payments stocks a variety of credit card terminals, and Point-Of-Sale options, allowing us to get you up and running quickly! We also carry a number of terminal accessories, including pin-pads, terminal stands, terminal paper, power cords, and much more.

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