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5 Business Building New Year’s Resolution Ideas

We are all familiar with our personal New Year’s resolutions and how beneficial they can be when we can stick to them. Your business can always use some inspiration to improve and you should consider some simple and effective resolutions that are great for a fresh start as the new year begins or at any time. Here are some ideas for things that can provide real improvements for your business.

Streamline Your Overhead and Watch Your Cash Flow Improve

Habits usually form more from routine than from conscious effort. Take the time to carefully analyze your monthly expenses and be sure that your business is not suffering from unnecessary or duplicative overhead. From simple things like office supply ordering to larger expenses like telephones and internet services, there are almost certainly items that can be cleaned up and made more efficient.

Work On Identifying and Understanding Your Customer Base and Your Marketing Target Audience

Starting with researching your current customers, your business can learn many things about a winning marketing strategy. By surveying and studying your existing customers you can determine which customers are most interested in your product and how they prefer to receive your marketing message. If your customers use social media to the exclusion of print media, you should be aware of their media preferences and spend your marketing budget in the right way.

Build an Email List and Market Your Business Via Email

A large majority of professional marketing firms currently list email as their most important lead generator. Further, most customers currently state that email is their preferred method for receiving information from the companies they do business with. Obtain every existing customer’s email address and build your list through prompts on your website and social media posts and use email marketing software to stay in contact with your current and potential customers by targeting their specific preferences.

Get Your Business More Involved In Your Community

Nothing impacts your brand’s image in your local community like active involvement in causes and events that are important to your customer base. There are many ways to support charitable events that have large impacts on helping people in need while promoting your business’s commercial mission as well. Look for sponsorship opportunities and causes that fit well with your company’s overall mission and purpose.

Write a Blog

Blogging is as popular as ever, and is a growing art among companies that want to communicate with their customers in relatable ways. Blogging allows you to address current trends and events that are important to your customers and your industry. Your customers become your readers, and your readers become your customers. Write topical and entertaining blog posts and you will attract people to your site and keep them coming back.

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