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Clover™ Station

The new Clover Station makes it easier than ever to streamline your business–its powerful system boasts enhanced features that help you get more done, so you can focus more on doing what you love.

All-in-one point of sale system.


Accept EMV® chip and signature, mag stripe, and contactless payments like Apple Pay® with optional NFC printer.

Offers the full spectrum of functionality from managing inventory or orders to tracking sales and securely accepting the latest payments.

End-to-end encryption and data tokenization to help protect your customers and business from fraud.

Mobile, Wireless, flexible Transactions - Right at Your Fingertips.
Clover_Flex_Swipe (1).png
Clover_Flex_Signature (1).png

Ease + Reliability

The Clover customer-facing mini gives your customers peace of mind and comfort that their credit card or phone does not need to leave their hands to make a payment.  As well as keeping the point of sale as sanitary as possible by allowing for contactless payments.

Online ordering, curbside pickup, digital gift cards + reporting from anywhere. Clover gives you the most flexibility!

Run your entire shop on a single smart POS. Manage inventory or menus and keep track of inventory. Handle returns and exchanges. Oversee your staff and run sales reports.

Let us help create the perfect set-up for your business today!


Clover™ kiosk

Streamline front of house + customer experience all at once.

Clover Kiosk.png

Enhance productivity: Enable your team to concentrate on tasks that add value instead of handling order placements.

Elevate the customer experience: Allow patrons to explore the menu at their leisure and personalize their orders as desired.

Expand average order value: Boost dining establishment profits through targeted cross-selling and upselling on the digital ordering platform.

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