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simple payment processing for every type of business.
Card Present Payments

The foundation of accepting payment. 


A secure + seamless check out process.

Mobile Payments

Give your customers solutions for their payment processing needs.

Online Invoicing

Collect payments with a simple

click of a button!

Software Integration

Connectivity is essential.  Seamlessly integrate with hundreds of options.

Card Not Present Payments

Save your and your clients' time by taking payments right over the phone.

We work with all types of businesses here at PayHub Payments! 


We provide your customers with a simple and seamless payment solution - giving your business the ability to accept credit card payments and your customers the ability to use their credit card with ease. Every business we work with is our partner. We provide top-notch customer service, reliable deposits, fair and transparent pricing - all while providing our clients with the most modern and streamlined processing capabilities!

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Founded on the belief that no business is too big or too small to receive the highest level of customer service while getting the best service.

Small + Medium Businesses
Chain + Multi-Location

We work with seasonal small businesses, mom and pop shops, well established local restaurants, massive eCommerce shops, multi-location retail stores, variously sized veterinarians, large oil distributors - just to name a few. The list is endless - being in the merchant services industry for the last 10+ years as a payment provider that has stood by their customers day in and day out, we continuously get to work with all types of businesses in various industries of various sizes.  No matter what, they all receive the same fair and transparent pricing. As well as top-notch customer service.

We also continue to establish partnerships with other institutions, vendors and product developers to ensure our clients have the best in class resources available to them at their fingertips - while seamlessly integrating with their payment processing.  We believe in growing the partnerships with have with these vendors and most importantly with our clients.

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connectivity is 


Streamline your daily processes by connecting your essential business tools to work together.

We work with hundreds of pieces of business software: from bookkeeping, to appointment scheduling, to e-commerce and lots of cloud-based software - let's talk more about the best integrations for your business.

Schedule a complimentary consultations to find the best fit for you business.

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We're here to ensure you have the best rates while receiving the best service.  Let's get started today.

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