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Eliminate processing fees.

Thank you so much for your interest in our Cash Discount Program.  We are thrilled to bring this industry-changing opportunity to our valued clients.  For over a decade, the burden of the cost related to credit card processing has fallen solely on the business owner, costing the business thousands of dollars every year.

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With our Cash Discount Program, the cost now shifts away from the business.  By updating your pricing structure to reflect the same changes that the gasoline industry made a few years ago, to a Cash Price and a Credit Price.  By providing your cash paying customers a discount for using cash, this gives them the opportunity for savings as well.  The cost of the credit card processing will be rolled into the Credit Price, therefore saving YOU the cost of each credit card transaction, while maintaining the same convenience for your customers.

Switching your current account is seamless and requires only a quick equipment update - which is included in the $15 per month.  The only cost to your business for accepting credit cards will be $15 per month.

Please contact the team, or reply to this email for someone to contact you to switch your account to our Cash Discount Program or to learn more information.

Thank you for the opportunity to be your payment processor and for your interest in this new and exciting program.

You can clearly see the savings.

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Please note there is a difference between Cash Discounting and Surcharging.


Let us walk you the differences:

Cash Discount: A cash discount is when a business offers a discount to customers who pay by cash (and sometimes check) instead of with a credit or debit card.


For example: If your customer buys a coffee that is normally $3 - the business would apply a 4% discount for using cash or no discount for using a credit card.


This method is legal in all 50 states and is accepted by the major card brands.

Surcharging: A surcharge is when a business owner applies a fee to a sale because the customer is paying by credit card.


For example: If your customer buys a coffee that is normally $3 - the business would then apply a surcharge of 4% for using a credit card or no surcharge for using cash.

This method is allowed by 46 states (not allowed by CO, CT, KA, ME, MA + OK) and also has a number of requirements to follow to be compliant with the major card brands.

If you are located in one of the 46 states that allow surcharging and you follow the regulations - this is also an option for your business.  You may determine which method is the best fit for your business.

How it can work during the point of sale:

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