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Clover Station

Clover™ Station

Meet the clover flex™

Clover Station


Just to name a few....

Real Time Insight Reporting: run reports, track inventory, simplify bookkeeping.


Cloud Based: remotely manage your business from all devices.


Business Enhancing Apps: install endless applications to increase client loyalty, increase profitability and boost internal management.

Clover™ Mini


Offers the same functionality as the Station and...

The Clover Mini functions the same as the Station but offers a much smaller footprint.

Wireless Connectivity: Choose between Wi-Fi and Wireless connections, giving your mini the freedom to roam the countertop!

Built-In Printer: The mini packs a big punch including a build-in printer.

Clover™ Mobile


Same as the Clover Station, PLUS:

Small POS, Big Charge: The Mobile's charge can last up to all day, allowing you to process payments on-the-go.


POS Functionality, Remote Flexibility: remotely accept credit card payments.


Chip + Pin: Even on the go, you will  have EMV capability, allowing for secure transactions.




Small + Simple...

Starting Point: run EMV transactions with your Mobile device (both Android + iOS).


Basic Reporting: collect sales activity reporting analytics.


On The Move: all you need is the Go Swiper to accept credit and debit card payments.

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