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E-Commerce sales continue to grow in leaps and bounds. Whether you have solely an e-commerce store or your e-commerce store is an additional source of revenue for your brick and mortar business, PayHub Payments work with your e-commerce platform to provide seamless credit card processing for your customers.  If you are looking for a payment gateway, or just a payment processor to connect with your current gateway, we will be able to connect with your e-commerce shop with ease.

PayHub Payments can keep it simple or take it to the next level.  Mobile Credit Card Processing is another aspect of the our commerce market that continues to grow.  


Mobile Processing can be suited for a vast spectrum of industries, here are some examples:

  • In-Home + Delivery Services​

    • Oil Delivery​

    • Landscaping

    • Food Delivery

    • Painting + Construction

  • Trade Show + Craft Show/Farmer's Market

    • Retail Businesses at Trade Show​

    • Artistsians

    • E-Commerce Store at Craft Show

    • Bakers 

    • Farmers

  • In-Store Retail Locations

    • In Store​ Check-Out

    • Outdoor Seating Check-Out


These are just to name a few, we have found that so many different businesses can grow their revenue streams by accepting credit cards as on-the-go-ers.

Recurring billing

Looking to collect payments automatically, on a recurring basis without thinking about it? Receive customer payments on an on-going basis with our recurring billing option! Perfect for businesses such as gyms, membership programs, subscription boxes, standing landscaping contracts, etc. 

Once you have collected the payment information at the time of set-up, imput your customer's information one time, and you are good to go!

Accepting payments in one thing, but doing it securely is vital! When making purchases online, consumers like to know and find comfort in online retailers that create a safe way to transmit their credit card data.  PayHub Payments has a number of secure online gateway options that sync seamlessly to your e-commerce shop.  Giving both you and your customers the relief of transmitting credit card data safely and on a secure platform.

Secure gateway

Mobile processing

From the time mobile processing was launched, it has found a niche within industries and businesses that never thought they would have a need to process credit cards remotely while exceeding the expectations of the businesses it was originally designed for.  


Clothing boutiques are now giving their customers the option to make their purchase right on the spot, instead of having to wait in line to make their purchase.  Restaurants are using mobile processing by giving their patrons the extra luxury of paying right at the table, allowing their credit card to stay with them at all time.

Any and all in-home service providers get paid right on the spot, no billing or net terms necessary, take deposits and payments immediately, increasing cash flow and reducing bookkeeping!

We could go on and on about the benefits of being an on-the-go-er.  Increase sales at craft shows, food truck fairs, and farmers markets, by accepting payment right on your mobile device! The list goes on.

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