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Merchants + Retailers

Whether you are a one location boutique or a multi-location national retailer, PayHub Payments will create a customized credit card processing solution best fitted for your business.  


Through a brief series of questions, we will be able to customize a pricing structure, equipment set-up and if needed, additional processing features that will grow your bottom line.  


Our process to ensures you are processing credit cards with the most efficent and cost efficient method for your business and industry.  As well as creating the best check-out experience for your customers.

Credit Card Payments

Just looking for a super simple, cost effective solution to accepting credit card payments at your place of business? PayHub Payments will get you set-up with a streamlined, quick process with same-day approvals. We carry credit card equipment in stock and can get your terminal in the mail to you asap. 

While creating an extremely easy set-up process, we also ensure that your account has been effectively set-up with the best pricing and with the best functions for your business and industry.  

Ready to rock and roll? 

Who would have ever thought marketing solutions could be offered by your merchant services provider?! We are happy to highlight the way gift cards + reward programs provide not only growth in your bottom line but an excellent marketing opportunity.

  • Gain new clients -- current clients will spread the word to their friends and family by purchasing gift cards as a gift!

  • Improve customer loyalty -- by offering rewards and incentives your customers will turn into happy repeat customers.

  • Increase sales -- frequently when given a gift card customers are more likely to shop around until they spend their entire gift card (or more!) Allowing them to have a clear idea of everything that your business has to offer.

Gift Cards+ Reward


Equipment + Accessories

The Clover, Verifone, Micros, any of those ring a bell? PayHub Payments offers a wide variety of credit card processing equipment options from stand-alone terminals, to pin pads to extensive Point-Of-Sale machines.

On the cutting edge of credit card processing equipment, PayHub is thrilled to be a reseller of the entire Clover suite of terminals.  The Clover Station, the Clover Mini, and Clover Go, are available here at PayHub.

We also stock a number of terminal accessories, including terminal paper, terminal stands, and much more. 

Let's Talk More

Ready to get started or just have a few questions? 

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