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Amazon's Newest Venture: Amazon Go

How would you feel if you walked into a convenience store where you didn’t have to wait in line and there was no register or check out machine required when entering? This is about to become a reality due to Amazon’s new venture. Amazon is launching a grocery store called Amazon Go where cash registers and lines are completely absent.

Customers can now collect all the items they need with no hassle. The checkout processing subsequent purchase is sent to the customer's Amazon account. It’s there that the orders are processed and completed after the shopping, involving no work for consumers. The items you choose are gathered using computer sensors that recognize the different objects you pick up. It all begins with the scan of the app as you enter the store. You may be thinking that theft will become a major issue, but you are actually being watched by many different cameras to eliminate and prevent shoplifting. Almost all items that you would find in a normal convenience store will be found here as well, as well as things like Blue Apron meal kits.

This new process will be extremely helpful and efficient for customers. The benefits include no lines, no registers, no self-checkout processes. As for Amazon, they receive advantages as well. The company may be able to track and analyze customers buying behavior as they shop, helping them with marketing and strategic business decisions. Some argue that this type of payment processing does take away some jobs for cashiers, but other job opportunities are still available because of stocking and other aspects that require maintaining.


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