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What's Going on With Mobile Payments?

The past couple of years have been claimed the year of mobile payments going into it, yet every time we’ve seen the following year outdo this claim. And 2016 is no different. Below you will find other ways to pay from your bank account without physically taking out a card to swipe, dip, or key in. There are several big players in mobile payments right now, and here we review what you need to know about each:

  • Apple Pay—for iOS users, you can upload all of your credit cards, store credit cards, and reward cards. When you go to make a purchase your credit card information is never shared nor stored on your device. Try this method if you own an iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad.

  • Android Pay—for those with an Android OS, Android Pay is the Apple Pay equivalent, where you add your credit cards to the app and a virtual account number is used during your transaction so your actual card details remain private. Place your device near the contactless terminal during checkout in order to pay, and at select merchants loyalty points and offers are automatically applied at checkout too.

  • Samsung Pay—for people specifically using a Galaxy device, Samsung Pay is a great option and accepted at many stores. The same idea applies where your credit card details are not shared or stores.

  • Starbucks—we’re adding Starbucks here because they represent an up-and-coming mobile payments app that can be expected to develop further throughout the year. You can download their free iPhone or Android app, and with Mobile Order & Pay, you can place your order and don’t have to wait in line. It’s even more sophisticated in the way you can tip your barista, earn stars, redeem rewards, and more. Many merchants are starting to offer similar options, all evolving around the idea that the time you might spend shopping, waiting in line, and paying in a store is all done through their website or through a mobile app.

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