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Omni-Channels and Why They're More Importance than You Think

Brick-and-mortar, mobile device, laptop, mail order, desktop, telephone order—we can conclude there are several channels available for businesses to take advantage of. Especially during a time like this where personal preferences are varied and some people would rather make a purchase from their couch while others want to physically see the product first. Preferences also may vary by person depending on the industry they are shopping in—someone may want to shop in-store for a new couch yet purchase books and movies from their couch at home. In order to cater to widespread customer preferences, having more than one way for customers to make purchases from your store will instantly set you ahead of your competitors with only one option. Additionally, having more open channels means customers will be able to access a variety of products and discounts, which easily contributes to more spending on their part. Another point to consider is that because so many products and reviews and pricing are accessible online, you can be sure customers spend a great deal of their shopping experience researching different products from different companies. Efforts to steer customers clear from competitors is simply a waste of time and takes away from the customer experience businesses are trying to create. Since it is inevitable customers will look at multiple options, it is more advantageous to create a frictionless and smooth process by showcasing all options of a certain product. If your product truly is great, it will shine through, as will the fact that you care that all customers find what they’re looking for and the best deal they can get. So what does this look like for your business? If you have a brick-and-mortar currently, consider opening an online gateway to show a larger inventory and greater discounts. Consider becoming more social with your products and services, and creating open dialogue with your current and potential customers. What this creates is other considerations for customers: when they buy, they consider price and quality, but they also consider their relationship with that business, the customer service they get from that business, and the frictionless of that process. If you work on building these up by making efforts to be more available to customers, whether it’s through an online store or a social media channel, your determination to make sure they make the best purchase will surely be noticed.

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