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Compliments to Your Credit Card Equipment

So you may have the latest credit card terminal, but what about the accessories that go along with it? You don’t hear about these kinds of tools that can help taking credit cards easier, so here we’ll go over some available add-ons out there.

Paper - you will need rolls of thermal paper so that you can print out receipts for your customers. This special paper is coated with a chemical so that, when exposed to heat, the paper will change color in the form of the transaction info being printed on the receipt

Replacement Cable - these link the credit card terminal and your pin pad together. Just make sure you’re matching up the right equipment to the right cables when you’re purchasing.

Power Supply - you can also purchase replacement power supplies for your specific credit card terminal

Stand - you may want to get stands for your customer-facing terminals or PIN pads, so this is a great option with a lot of variety depending on your specific terminal, e.g. getting a swivel stand to face both the cashier and the customer, or get a wall mount for your equipment

These different types of accessories will also come in many variants depending on your terminal. Deciding which terminal you will be using more so depends on your industry and your place of business where you’ll be accepting and swiping or dipping credit cards. For example, if you want something you can take around to customers, then a hand held terminal from Verifone might be more suitable. Yet if you’re running a restaurant and want to manage more than just transactions, but things like inventory and employees, then you might be looking for something like the Clover™ Station. Additionally, as your business is expanding, you may find you need one of each! Talking to your credit card processor is the best way to decide what fits your industry and your personal business needs.

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