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Making Your Store as Great as E-Commerce

We know that e-commerce websites have been on the rise - but we also realize that brick-and-mortars are still just as important. The best way to deal with this issue? Get your storefront up-to-date with the same attractions your online store has. If you think about it, so many people flock to shopping online, not only because of the convenience and the control, but because of all the great, “secret” deals you can find there that are not necessarily found in-store.

We know that the transaction itself is important - the point of sale when the customer has finalized their choice and pays for their product or service. Yet there are so many other factors that come into play between brand awareness and the point of sale. E-commerce takes these other steps into consideration pretty well - with online advertising, signing up for exclusive email offers, using social media engagement to their benefit, bringing friends and family involved in the customer to business relationship, etc.

One of the reasons people have had doubt about brick-and-mortars recently is that they are a little late to the game with these incentives. Yes, stores still have deals, but there’s this whole other world of social media advertising that the e-commerce environment banks on. The one thing that brick-and-mortars can bank on though? That face-to-face customer interaction. No matter how advanced we get with online technology and e-commerce, it will always be missing that certain type of communication that truly conveys that personalized experience consumers crave. With an e-commerce shop, the business is able to meet the customers whenever and wherever they are - fulfilling both convenience and personal experience that are the highlights of converting that consumer into a sale. Since a brick-and-mortar doesn’t necessarily have that mobility, it is more important than ever that businesses make that face-to-face time they do get, count.

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