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The Clover™ Mini ( Part 2)

Last post we were primarily discussing the Clover™ Station. Although we introduced the entire Clover™ family! Today we are going to be discussing the Clover™ Mini in more depth. The Clover™ Mini bring more payments and more power with less clutter! This cool little device is easy to move and frees up valuable counter space to use as you need.

Why a Clover™ Mini?

When you're tight on space or time, Clover™ Mini saves the day. Give customers the convenience of paying with multiple payment types, protect their sensitive information - as well as your own - and have the flexibility you've always wanted without the hassle of a big business system.

Benefits of a Clover™ Mini

  • Accept more payments types; from magnetic strip to EMV chip cards to contactless

  • EMV chip card compliant

  • Set-up a mobile loyalty and rewards program

  • Cloud-based allowing for access wherever you are; from your computer to tablet to phone

  • State-of-the-art security

Next up: Clover™ Mobile. Stay Tuned....

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