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Clover™ Mobile (Part 3)

Clover TM Mobile. Built for businesses going places.

Last in our Clover™ series is the Clover™ Mobile. There has been talk about mobile payments for quite a while now. It has caught the attention of some businesses, but even more businesses can benefit from the flexibility mobile payments gives a business.

Enter Clover™ Mobile.

With all the power of any other all-in-one business solution, this is also a portable option. Whether you are taking payments tableside, busting registers or taking payments on the job site, this will keep payments flowing and you on-the-go!

How does this little handheld device provide the same robust options as the other Clover™ options?

It's pretty simple. Right out of the box, you will find the same exact benefits and features.

  • Built-in fraud security

  • Inventory management

  • Mobile Loyalty Programs

  • Accept all types of payment, including EMV!

The Clover™ Mobile also runs on a cloud-based software, so your business information is always available. You can also customize your Clover™ Mobile with the same applications from the Clover™ App Market!

Now you're in the know: What is your favorite Clover™ option?

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