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Selfie Pay?!

The payment industry is transforming in more ways than anyone could imagine. You can now pay bills by snapping a picture of your face. Who hasn’t taken at least one selfie in their lifetime? Due to improved technology and this recent phenomenon with selfies, innovators invented a way to make selfies more than just a photo thus originating SelfiePay.

SelfiePay recognized that an abundance of people use common passwords, which allow thieves to easily access information. This new approach to payment verification serves as a mobile wallet that utilizes a face recognition feature creating a more secure way for your payments to process. SelfiePay wants to help eliminate fraud throughout the industry.

Since, transactions in this app are made through the verification of your face, the app authenticates each individual selfie that is being taken within that exact moment by forcing the customer to blink. The blinking feature confirms that the person is present at that time rather than the photo being a previously taken selfie. SelfiePay is trying to diminish online fraud, by partnering with many banks, buyers, retailers, etc. MasterCard is one of the first companies to hop on board with this recent development.

What’s next in this industry? MasterCard is looking into customer's heartbeats as an action to validate purchases as well. Want to learn more about these upcoming innovations and updates, head on over to our blog to find out more information!


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