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Why Online Checking Out is More Efficient Than Calling? Part 2

Last week we started listing reasons why we think every business should have an online store in addition to just a call center. Today we are back with the final 5 reasons why:

  1. Through online purchases, consumers are able to have immediate gratification. This gratification can come from a consumer's desire to want that product instantly, easily and accessibly through online shops.

  2. A large amount of online sales come from lunch breaks and during consumers downtime. When people have any sort of free time for themselves, they aren’t looking to talk to someone on the phone, they just want fast and easy access when it is convenient for them.

  3. Variety is key for an online shop. This is a great feature and advantage over calling orders. People get to browse many different assortments or whatever they may be buying whether it's the option of color, size, appearance you name it and you can do it on an online shop.

  4. Consumers love sales. The easiest way for those consumers to access those sales and buy more merchandise is through online entry. The feature of seeing which sales are available is significant for consumers and businesses, because this means more revenue for companies and more discounts for consumers that wouldn’t be provided by calling.

  5. Mobile devices are a huge entity right now that almost every consumer or business has their hands on. Consumers want to buy all items on these mobile devices because most consumers have their phones or tablets glued to their hip. More sales will definitely generate through allowing online purchasing access especially with the newer generations.

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