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Customer Service: A Lot More Significant Than You May Think

Think about it…a majority of your business marketing strategies involve email campaigns, social media engagements, blogging, paper advertisements, and much more, all to grab the customer’s attention in the hopes that they personally interact with your brand. This is why great customer service is so important, because you finally have that personal customer engagement and you wouldn’t want to lose that now, due to your company being unprepared or unenthusiastic to help your customers.

Below we are going to list many of the reasons why customer service for your business really should be on the top of your priority list:

  1. According to studies the impact of customer service drastically affects the decision of whether the consumer wants to interact with your brand or not as exemplified in this quote- “ 66% of US consumers are willing to spend more money with a company that provides them with excellent customer service, according to Microsoft, while 60% of consumers say they have not completed an intended purchase due to a poor customer service experience.”

  2. Finding new customers is always a challenge. Having those loyal customers that feel they have a good relationship with your brand, making them want to come back for more of your product is key component to your business. If your repeat customers get negative customer service, then they will no longer be that loyal customer causing your company to have to find new clients, to replace the old ones, rather and building on your growing list and maybe resulting in bad word of mouth, and decreased sales.

  3. Having excellent customer service could be a huge plus for your business. It causes you to have a one up. Some businesses fail to recognize the significance of the matter and how customer service can affect your entire business dramatically. This is due to the fact that if your customer service is done efficiently, it results in major benefits that other companies with poor customer service will not encompass.

  4. If you as a business owner make sure that your employees put themselves in the customer's shoes, it could save a lot of time and mistakes. Your employees will have a different outlook and you will be able to eliminate problems that could have arised in the had you not had taken into consideration the customer’s perspective.

  5. By making sure everything that you are portraying to the customer is honest, organized, friendly, and efficient is vital. If you do not tell the full truth about the product you are selling, are very disorganized, unpleasant etc. it will all cause immediate backlash for the brand in the present and future.

  6. By putting in that time and effort in the customer service area shows them a caring aspect. Customers want to see that you are putting in that care and responsibility which will then directly link to the brand image of the company making them more satisfied to want to purchase from you.

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