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Save Time, Add Apps.

Want to save time in your busy schedule? Luckily in today’s day and age we have so many tools at our finger tips that allow us to save time and simplify our processes. One of the most beneficial features of these tools is that the majority of the time they are found in the form of a mobile application, which allows them to be very well organized in one central place, our phone and/or tablet!

We have compiled a list of 5 great apps that will help you save time each week. Here they are:

  1. Proppy: Proposals – This great app helps easily create professional proposals. It also tracks the status of each proposal and allows for your whole team to collaborate in one spot.

  2. Mixmax: Email – Ship, shape your inbox with Mixmax. This app allows for your to do a multitude of super efficient email related tasks, from email tracking to schedule sending, and much more.

  3. Timely App: Time – Track your time without even thinking about it. Timely monitors your time in the background while you work, automatically populating a timesheet at the end of each day. This might be the reason how the phrase “That was easy” came about.

  4. Zapier: Connection – This app allows you to connect to your web apps, automatically. It automates marketing, administrative and sales processes all in one spot.

  5. Brain FM: Music – This app brings science based music, optimizing your focus. Brain FM uses the most up to date research in neuroscience. Turn up the music, and get to work!

What are some of your favorite business apps?!

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