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10 Ways to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Business - Part 2

Earlier this week, we provided 5 suggestions to aid in making customers love your business. We decided to further expand on this idea with 5 more ways, just to make sure that you are satisfying your customer in the most efficient and beneficial way for your business as possible.

  1. Trust. Building and maintaining brand loyalty from your customers is a great asset for any company. Surveys have shown that it takes 12 positive service experiences to make up for one bad service experience, which represents how much customers take customer service into consideration. Your business could lose a lot of time and resources as a result of one mistake, which means you want to keep trust between your company and the customers at a high by eliminating bad service. Letting your customers know about changes developing within your business, whether big or small, negative or positive, can have effects reflected in your sales, and provide opportunities for customers to feel attached to your brand. With this being said, change within a product or company can upset certain customers who may not like the adjustment, so make sure you go about the process efficiently and respectfully.

  2. Clarity. Providing information about your product in a clear, concise and honest way is a must for establishing love and trust for your product from customers. Being honest is a significant factor that will help frame customer satisfaction, as they will in turn be able to trust your brand more.

  3. Promises. It is important to make sure your company keeps any promises that they make and stick to their word. It is essential not to make expectations or promises that cannot be carried out. If your business keeps their word, it will portray to consumers that your company is dependable, trustworthy, and follows through with actions. Making unrealistic goals will hurt your company, due to the fact that you won’t be able to achieve them as promised.

  4. Responsibility. We may have touched upon this before, but it is important to reiterate the factor of making sure that you take responsibility, no matter the circumstance. You may be right throughout many customer situations, but maintaining patience and remembering "the customer is always right" mentality is imperative. To build growth in your company and expand to better horizons with customer service, user development, product development and more, your company can set up a customer service policy to help execute this. Organizing this policy will help show a customer they are always right.

  5. Thank you. Always say thank you. As we said above, positive experiences can truly affect how a customer will respond to your company or product. By implementing simple phrases like thank you into your customer interaction, it will help contribute to the overall positive experience. Gratitude, kindness and appreciation can go a long way for a business.

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