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Managing Online Customer Service - Part One

For all businesses customer service should be a significant priority. Customers are what a company is all about; without customers a business could not stay afloat or grow. Bad customer service spreads quickly, and can truly destroy a business. Technology has become a key player in the business world and because of this, great online customer service is an essential component that needs to be taken care of within every business. Listed below are 7 ways to achieve great customer service through e-commerce.

  1. Support: Customers look for multiple different outlets to turn to for support. They no longer rely on just one channel, therefore it is beneficial for your business to offer an assortment of customer service channels, like an email and a phone number.

  2. Social Media: Whether you’re younger or older, most generations are hopping on the social media bandwagon. With so many different social media networks out there today, it is critical for companies to keep up on these mediums. Businesses need to make sure they are listening on social media, as well as checking hourly or daily to maintain balance with customer’s questions and reviews that are on social media. Customers can tell if companies really do care about their needs, and by businesses consistently responding on their social media it really helps tell the consumer that they matter. Studies show that “88% of customers are less likely to buy from companies who leave social media complaints unanswered.”

  3. Tracking: Analyzing and keeping track of your customer interactions is very helpful. This eliminates misunderstanding or confusion that could transpire between your business and the consumer through online channels. Tracking also establishes an affinity between the customer and the business thus creating a trust factor between the two.

  4. Support Center: Studies show that “90% of consumers go to websites before calling or emailing a company.” This statistic portrays the necessity to acquire a support center for your customers making sure that they are as satisfied as possible.

  5. Online Chat: Customers enjoy online chats for help. It is quick and easy for the consumer to jump on the computer within a second and have an accessible online helping hand whenever. Online customer service chats provide a convenience factor for consumers, whether they are browsing the internet or would rather help online then on the phone.

  6. Timing: Responding to customers in an efficient and timely manner will satisfy your customers immediately and gain your company an advantage over the others. Timely responses set the tone for your company. Studies have shown ”84 % of customers reported being either likely or very likely to do business which a company if they responded via phone in less than a minute.” This exemplifies the significant effect that time and responses in general have on a consumer’s buying behavior.

  7. Experience: Make sure your business knows that the customer is always right. Resolving the issues with skill is key. More importantly trying to understand and connect with the consumers is crucial in developing a real relationship which will then be returned in profit. Customers can tell when the interaction is not sincere, so make sure the customer service is always genuine.


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