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ecoATM: Recycling Your Technology

Who doesn’t want to make instant cash? A new innovation called ecoATM just hit the market and lets anyone turn their phones into cash whenever you may choose. ecoATM collects unwanted electronics like cell phones, MP3 players, and tablets for cash at your convenience, and is currently the only automated kiosk available to do this. ecoAtm's main goal is not to gather these items and make a profit, but to help make an environmental change in the world. ecoATM recognized that at the end of 2015 there were 422 million idle or inactive mobile devices and only 99 million were recycled. As a result, ecoATM was born to allow people a way to properly recycle their devices without a hassle.

ecoATM is safe, convenient, simple and fast for all individuals. The bulk of the devices collected through ecoATM find a new home, and if not, ecoATM ensures the devices are recycled in an appropriate way, making sure to fight the problem of e-waste. Some consumers worry about security, but ecoATM uses in-depth security measures, eliminating the threat of selling stolen devices. Shopping malls nationwide are now carrying ecoATMs, aiding in the environmental change. Providing the consumers with cash upfront when recycling their devices gives the consumer an incentive to take part in this change. Not only has ecoATM helped start an e-waste movement, but it has provided a positive domino effect by increasing other types of recycling, like copper, silver, gold, etc. ecoATM is done in three very simple steps, and has become another outlet for payment processing.


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