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Mobile Ordering


Here at PayHub, we provide businesses with the ability to accept mobile payments! We offer a number of services that easily and seamlessly give your business the ability to accept payments on the go.

One of our unique sectors within mobile processing is the mobile ordering feature for food and drinks. Restaurants, cafes, and other small businesses can really boost their revenue if they use this neat feature that’s available as a service on many of our devices. It has been proven that companies who provide online ordering have doubled their revenue. Along with online ordering, mobile processing has increased sales tremendously due to the increased accessibility and convenience.

With our abundance of mobile processing service and device options, we can get your business running, maintained and established at lightning speed. There are many beneficial features of mobile processing and ordering, using the Clover and other equipment or software. Drive-thrus are becoming increasingly popular because of mobile ordering as well. Drive-thru mobile ordering brings ease, convenience, and speed that is attractive to consumers.

Ask us today how to get set-up with mobile processing and what other additional features we can get your business set-up with!

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