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Non-Cash Payments

non-cash payments

Non-cash payments are continuing to grow each day, with debit and credit cards leading the industry. These cards continue to keep rising in the payment sector and will only continue to do so. Research says non-cash payments have grown to 178 trillion within the last year.

Think about it, not only do consumers swipe their credit and debit cards, but these cards are now involved in other payments that advance with technology. Even with all the new apps that let you send money, or pay from your phone at the register, your original debit or credit card is still being used.

New EMV technology requires consumers to have a chip on your debit and credit cards, causing chip card transactions to rise as well. With the technology of these cards increasing by the moment, we can simply and easily set your business up to accept credit and debit cards with our payment processing services and credit card terminal equipment. We will take a detailed look at your business to create the most suitable set-up for your company.

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