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The Verifone VX520


Are you familiar with the Verifone VX520? This terminal is one of our top sellers, and is extremely efficient, secure, and fast. The Verifone VX520 is a reliable and sturdy device built for long lasting sustainability for any business. Due to the strong processor and high power memory within this device, it can embrace both encryption and decryption. The Verifone encompasses key features that allow for different payment methods, like NFC compatibility. Additionally, this terminal is equipped with loyalty and gift card recognition. Here are a few more benefits you’ll get with this terminal.

Connectivity: The Verifone has a full range of options for connectivity, like dial, Ethernet, or GPRS.

Mobility: Want to bring the Verifone with you to process payments elsewhere? The terminal comes with an alternative battery if you choose that allows mobile usage.

Efficiency: Created with attention to detail and enhanced security, the payment process is more efficient for customers. The port area is also kept neat and free of excess wires, making for swift usage.

Speed: This fast processor will aid in performing more transactions by letting consumers pay within seconds.

Seamless Integration: Made for all types of areas, the Verifone is great for any consumer. For instance, the lit screen of the VX520 is readable no matter the lighting of the environment.

Performance: This terminal was built to deliver exceptional performance with encryption, decryption and processing for every business. It remains sustainable and reliable with each use.

To get the Verifone VX520 for your business, click here!

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