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NFC: Near Field Communication


NFC, also known as Near Field Communication, is a huge part of PayHub Payments’ technology. All products that we offer use NFC technology, and if it is not included in the device we offer add ons and upgrades to ensure you have this type of communication for your business's secure payment processing. NFC has many tools incorporated into its technology, so we want you to know what NFC is and why we use it in our products.

What is the technology that we encompass? NFC is a technology involving contactless/wireless payment processing that allows payments to be transferred between different devices while being centimeters apart. Near Field Communications works at 13.56 one million cycles per minute(MHz). The communication is very fast and can exchange information between devices up to 424 kbits/second.

How does it work? The main type of technology integrated in NFC that makes the device function properly is electromagnetic radio fields instead of radio transmissions. Other companies may use radio transmissions like Bluetooth or Wifi. However, Near Field Communication’s electromagnetic radio fields have an automatic interface and can assimilate other wireless platforms easily using electromagnetic radio technology.

What are the main uses for NFC? These include connecting multiple different devices into one. For instance, if your business has our Clover machine, customers are able to use mobile payments for purchasing, due to the Near Field Communication that allows them to pay easily and securely. Using NFC you can link wireless devices to electronic headsets with a mobile phone as well as any home/business items that you want wirelessly to your phone. Near Field Communications allows any business or customer to connect with digital content wirelessly using your cellphone such as “smart posters.” “Smart posters” are for browsing digital ads, magazines, billboards etc. Additionally, with our NFC technology you can make contactless payments that allows consumers to make and access electronic payment processing as well as digital ticketing.

What are in NFC-enabled mobile phones? NFC uses smart chips and NFC tags that store and process the data securely for transactions. The two devices exchanging information create a high frequency magnetic field between the two coils located in both the device and the NFC tag. The NFC tag is important because this is the part that appropriately receives the instructions and approves if the information is valid. A protected channel that transfers communication is established and then the information is encrypted for safety.

Check back soon to learn more about NFC!

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