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Perka for Clover


Rewards and loyalty programs are always a smart idea for businesses to get help to draw consumers closer to their company and gain loyal customers, but it is not the easiest thing to do. It’s hard to find the right rewards program for a business; this is why we want to make sure your business knows about an app that aids in this problem called Perka. Perka comes on our Clover machine, and is a very helpful tool to have for your business. This app is a loyalty program that lets you effortlessly build rewards within minutes, in a fun, fast, efficient manner. The best part is no charge: that’s right, we said it its free! All businesses want loyal customers who come back; well, this is exactly what Perka builds.

The Perka lite version offers an array of different benefits. First, this app is for all types of customers, allowing for all businesses. The customers can receive these rewards through multiple different outlets including text message, email, and the Perka app itself. Have an existing contact list? You are able to make your contacts and social media aware of your programs with one simple click. Another feature involved with Perka, is the in-store signage available through this app, meaning promotions and rewards accessible right in the store. Perka eases and eliminates customer lines for your business by cutting time and effort, because of Perka’s hands free payment feature. With Perka, your company is also guaranteed detailed and organized customer data in one place. This app encompasses a very powerful dashboard that tracks usage and statistics.

With this rewards program you are able to turn your occasional guests into loyal and frequent customers. Perka is free, allowing it to be affordable for companies rather than charge a fee like other programs, but more importantly is packed with many more features that perform in a more efficient and qualified way. With Perka, whether you’re a big or small company you are able to access the help of this app, due to the customer’s love and positive response when they use this app. Additionally, your business gets to customize and pick the loyalty rewards that are right for your company, making it a more personal experience. All your customers have to do is download the app right onto their smartphone. Perka has a feature called a beacon; it alerts your business before your customers even enter the door and checks the customer in, letting you greet them. Let your customers get the VIP treatment they deserve. Perka’s model says it all: “build relationships that build business, it's loyalty everyone can love.”

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