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The PAX S80


PAX S80 is just one of the many terminals with a pin pad that we offer here at PayHub Payments. We want to bring you the best of the best when it comes to equipment for your business. The PAX S80 has great features to help your company make the payment process easier. Here are a few of the benefits this terminal offers.

The PAX S80 fits perfectly on any countertop, as it was specifically made to be accessible and convenient for all businesses and consumers. This terminal is not just any terminal; it is far more advanced and equipped with top performing technology. The PAX S80 uses innovation, durability, and high performance to make sure the consumer's experience is fast, and reliable. It is also cost effective as to be affordable for business owners. It offers an array of leading features such as its high-speed connectivity and multiple communication components including Ethernet and Dial. This terminal has an innate ATM interface and ergonomic keypad for effortless interactions for both merchants and consumers. The PAX S80 is equipped with a dominant ARM11 processor making it durable for any situation.

Additionally, it encompasses a built-in contactless option that allows for various payments and valuable applications. Reliability is the main ingredient to this terminal. One of the features of the PAX S80 includes the fact that it is PCI PTS 3.x certified. This means that the PCI Security Standards Council approves this device, which is an important requirement for payment processing terminals. Additionally, memory is a key part of any device and this terminal has a large memory capacity, allowing for loads of data while still maintaining security for your company. The PAX S80 also has built in EMV, mag strip, and Contactless/NFC technologies, guaranteeing this terminal is up to date and ready for all types of transactions.

Lastly, we want to leave you with all the proper information when it comes to picking the right terminal, and we believe ours can really help your company in efficiency, speed, and accessibility. Because of this, we want to provide you with the exact specifications on some of the features on our terminal. The processor is 32 bit, the memory is 32 MB, the display is 128 x 64 pixels LCD with a white backlight. Additionally, the keypad utilizes 10 numbers and 8 function keys, as well as a printer you can count on that uses thermal paper and prints at 25 lines per second.

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