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Time Clock for Clover


Businesses love their employees and understand the importance of keeping them happy. Happy employees means a happy business. Although we trust our employees, an app called Time Clock (found on the Clover) is great way to make sure everyone is staying truthful when it comes to their working hours. Time Clock does keep track of clock in and outs of your employees, but it does a lot more than that on the Clover machine. We are going to discuss below the great benefits of the time clock portion of the application.

  1. Time Clock: It doesn’t matter which browser or mobile device you’re using with this app: you can turn it into a time clock whenever, wherever. Multiple time clocks can be created at the same time using one location, bringing all information together safely in one spot under the cloud.

  2. Picture Perfect: For clock ins and outs, it can be a hassle for employees to punch in usernames and passwords, but the app on our Clover machine helps save time and effort for your business. Time Clock lets clocking in and out be done by a snapshot picture that can be completed a second. All you need is your Clover camera and you're set.

  3. Break Time: Time Clock aids in tracking paid and unpaid breaks. Your business is in control, set the rules and boundaries for break time and the Clover will keep track of this information using the app. All paid/unpaid periods and break statuses are kept in one place on a timesheet.

  4. Timing: Businesses are hectic at times, and it’s easy for employees to forget to clock in, but that's not a problem. Time Clock lets you as the owner or manager easily go back and edit the times accordingly.

  5. Clocking: Don’t want your employees using a picture for clocking in? No problem, the app offers pin entry as well that can still provide quick access. You are able to set 4 or 6 pin entries for speedy clockings.

  6. Connection: Don’t fret if you lose connection, because the Clover app has offline mode built in. It keeps tracking data, with or without internet connection.

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