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Employee Scheduling on Time Clock


Earlier on the blog this week, we provided some of the benefits that you can find in a popular Clover app, Time Clock. Time Clock controls, monitors, and manages the clock in and clock out procedure for employees. Time Clock is also an efficient way to work with employee scheduling. It’s not always easy juggling tons of employees and can be especially difficult keeping track of work schedules and time off, which is why you might find this feature helpful. What does the employee scheduling feature of Time Clock offer you?

Want to be able to create a schedule anytime, anywhere? If so, this can easily be achieved with this application. It allows for building and managing from any internet browser. Time Clock also has real time updates, allowing you to send these updates and notifications via text and email.

Convenience and clarity are important factors for the Clover and because of this, Time Clock made sure to integrate these elements into the application. You are able to track and label the different shifts for organization and get a clear overview. You are able to view the schedule for any specific day or role to ensure all responsibilities are covered and all employees are on time.

It’s important have a work-life balance for your employees. Making sure they have the correct amount of vacation and sick days is significant for maintaining employee morale. This app makes this process a lot simpler for business owners and managers. Employees can easily set up their time off requests and vacation times right on the Clover through the app. Managers can then track and approve these requests right on Time Clock, accessible for the employee to see at any point. This is great for eliminating accidents or miscommunications in regard to time off.

If you like to keep a consistent schedule, or simply don’t have the time to sit down and create a new one for the upcoming week, you can use an existing one. With this app you are able to create your own template and save for scheduling, which you can then transfer for all future weeks ahead. With one click of a button, it is copied for next time.

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