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Ingenico iCT250


Do you want a device that's equipped as a secure and compact terminal? If so, you have come to the right place. Here at PayHub we offer the Ingenico iCT250 that is not only secure and compact, but filled with tons of additional features as well. This terminal encompasses security, a smartcard, magstripe, contactless payments, and color display.

Looking for the highest security for your customers? This Ingenico terminal has top quality security requirements involving PCI PTS 3.x certification. It also has SRED and Open protocol modules. If your business is seeking additional PIN entry confidentiality the pin privacy protection is located on this terminal as well. This terminal is great for merchants and business owners due to the lightweight and small fit build. Although it may be small, it is made for the hectic and hard working everyday business performance. Due to the backlight located on the terminal screen it provides easy pin entry and navigation for all types of customers and owners. Forget about squinting your eyes at small numbers, this terminal is equipped with larger buttons and fast controls that advance the transaction process for quick use and eliminates errors.

This terminal does accept all payment types helping to further profits and customer awareness. The Ingenico iCT250 encompasses EMV chip and pin, NFC/contactless, magstripe payments as well as couponing and wallet functionality. Communication is key for a business and because of this our terminal is equipped with high tech communication that includes a Ethernet/high speed modem which allows for connectivity for whenever and wherever. Additionally, brand presentation and awareness is important for a company as well. As a result, this terminal allows for software and hardware customization with an additional sleek color display that catches any consumer's eye.

Don’t let your terminal take up unnecessary space or time. Provide your customers with an intuitive and easy experience when making a payment. The Ingenico has thermal printer included with flash memory, while also encompassing off and online security. It is ready for whatever is thrown its way.

To find out more or purchase this terminal for your business, visit our terminal page.

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