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What are SRED and Open Protocol?


Earlier this week, we discussed the Ingenico iCT250 which is PCI PTS 3.x certified and has SRED and Open protocol modules, but what do SRED and Open protocol modules mean? SRED is short for secure reading and exchange of data. You may ask, what is so special about this? This is significant because it keeps cardholders information protected at the point of payment acceptance. Security is a top priority for consumers so ensuring your business has the top security requirements will benefit your company. This will also aid in passing the larger security requirements regarding the broader point to point security developments. Although SRED can’t eliminate all point to point encryption, it sure is the right step for moving in the direction to fight off fraud at the mark of entry.

Now, how does SRED help merchants and manufacturers in the terminal industry? SRED provides merchants with a set of criteria that aids them in being able to test and build against the security. This allows the vendors support for point to point encryption. This then can give the merchants a bundle of references involving products that were tested against SRED. A SRED module is not an all-inclusive point to point program. If you do want to build a strong and secure point to point encryption framework, SRED is where you want to begin. Overall, SRED is a secure assessment process involved in the PIN transaction program helping in the protection of non-pin cardholder information.

What about Open Protocol? This module comprises the MasterCard PTS program in PCI. Additionally, it involves POI devices incorporated with Internet, GPRS or Wifi, all to really help in security. Similar, to SRED how does Open Protocol benefit merchants? This administers security guideline for manufacturers to aid in installing Open Protocol into devices specifically your terminal. With Open Protocol it will make owners and merchants feel a lot more secure with their terminal.

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