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Promos for Clover

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Our top selling and efficient Clover machine offers apps that can be added to your device for free. One of the applications, called Promos, happens to be a great aid for any business to build a mailing list, maintain a customer database, and make the payment process smoother. This app can be a great addition to your Clover. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons.

  1. Customer Information- With the simple download of Promos you will be able to automatically print out rewards to customers, allowing your company to receive their contact information for future offers and customer loyalty opportunities.

  2. Mailing List- With the expansion of a mailing list, this app allows you to send out unique offers anywhere, any time via text message, email, social media, and the Perka app.

  3. Multi Tasking- Obtaining loyal customers and providing your company with key marketing strategies isn’t always easy, but this app does just the trick for both customer loyalty and marketing.

  4. Customization- Customers love to put their own spin on things. Promos lets your customers create their own special offers that helps each business thrive in their own way.

  5. Mobile- This app is offered on our mobile station for ultimate efficiency. Customers are able to receive their coupons straight to their phone for the utmost convenience.

  6. Camera- The Clover has a built in camera already equipped when you buy one of these devices. This will then allow you the feature of redeeming coupons using this clear camera.

  7. Updates- Promos keeps on top of new trends and versions making sure updates are available for the app. This ensures no glitches are present and that Promos is on up to date.

At Payhub we want to provide you with the right payment processing tools for your business’s success. The Clover, equipped with the Promos app, can be of great assistance to you and your business. Earn the trust of your customers by providing useful promos for them! Visit our website to view our other products to make the process easier, faster, and more convenient.

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