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In-Car Payments

paying in car gas station mobile payment

At Payhub Payments we offer credit card processing equipment, which all contain mobile wallet acceptance. Mobile wallets are convenient, fast, and offer loyalty rewards. Automobiles are adopting in-car payments using mobile wallets and we are very excited about this adaption! Here’s a bit of insight about this new innovation.

Think about driving up to a gas station in the cold winter months, and instead of getting out again to pay, you can simply pay from inside your car. Well, this is now a reality. Our friends at Visa are partnering with Honda, as well as working with smart meters and gas pump manufacturers, to establish in-vehicle payment options. Experts believe this new innovation will increase mobile wallet adoption in the marketplace due to convenience and accessibility. MasterCard is also jumping on board with this new advancement by partnering with General Motors. They will be installing their mobile wallet technology into a in-car payment navigation system called OnStar. You may be able to use Alexa, Apple Pay, or other mobile wallet devices to make in-car purchases.

Consumers enjoy GPS navigation in their cars much more than physical maps due to the hands-free convenience and clarity. Mobile wallets encompass the same attractiveness, because consumers usually don’t want to hold their physical wallets, it is easier to use your phone as a multi-tasker. This advancement lets you use your mobile wallet to pay from your dashboard with ease at the pump.

As a business owner, you may be thinking this is innovative, but why does it help my business grow if I am not in the car industry? Since all our terminals and devices are all equipped with mobile wallet technology, customers gravitate towards forms of payment they are familiar with. It’s beneficial because they may choose this option at your place of business, knowing how well it works for them at the pump. If consumers become accustomed to using mobile payments in their car with ease, then they will not think twice about mobile wallets for your business.

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